Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Authors at Work

We have been working on writing personal narratives for the last two months. Here were my objectives for the students to learn during this unit: 
                    * I chose a small moment to write about
                    * My story has a beginning, middle, and end
                    * I used transition words to tell my story in order
                    * My story has a closing sentence

                    * My story has details
                    * My sentences start with a capital letter
                    * I drew pictures and wrote my words neatly
                    * My sentences have endmarks
                    * I spelled "folder" words correctly
This week students chose their favorite book that they have written and began the publishing process. So far we have revised and edited. We will work on our final copy, illustrating, and an about the author page on Wednesday. When it's finished, the book will be added to the students portfolio. All the stories that they didn't publish, but worked on throughout the unit will be coming home now. Here are some pictures of us peer editing today. There's also a picture of our morning meeting circle this morning were we participated in the "snowball" greeting 

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