Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Partners of 10

This week we will be working heavily on the partners (addends) of 10. Today we used cubes to "discover" the partners. We also made this graphic organizer as a class. The kids then worked on their own organizers to help them study the partners of 10.

 Tomorrow the kids will be learning this game. We have the fancy mats, but you can play without them at home. The game is played with a deck of cards, in which the face cards are removed and 2 of the game mats. Pick the top 4 cards off the pile and place on the 1-4 spaces. If 2 of the cards are "partners of 10" they can be removed and put to the side. You can fill the empty spaces on the the playing mat with 2 more cards. If you come to a stand-still and can't play. Pick a card to "exchange" for a new one. The exchanged card can go on the bottom of the deck.  At the end of the game count how many pairs you were able to make. The person with the most pairs wins. 

Other games you can play are: go fish (ask for the other ten partner) or Ten-partner memory/concentration. I hope  your family enjoys these games that will help your First-grader learn their ten-partners. It's an important skill as we will build on it later in the year with our "make a ten" strategy. 

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