Thursday, September 15, 2016

Math Boxes

Today we began our Math Boxes! Your child got a math box with a set of numbers it. The numbers were chosen based on an assessment that was given. This way students are working at their own level. The students job is to lay out their numbers in order, say them forwards and backwards and write them. As they master their set of numbers they can move on to greater numbers. Math boxes are an activity we do all year as part of our math class. This gives the students meaningful number sense work while I can pull small groups and teach more differentiated instruction. Here we are trying out Math Boxes for the first time. 

For the last few days we have been practicing our handwriting with "small tall and fall" letters. Tall letters touch the top line of our primary writing paper. Small letters should touch the dotted line and fall letters fall below the bottom. We try to make our letters touch the right lines. Here we are doing a song to help us learn about tall small and fall. I also noticed many of the students are unable to completely write their last name. We will be working on this. I encourage you to work on it at home too.

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