Monday, January 18, 2016

What We're Learning this Week!

Hopefully everyone is staying warm! Here's what we'll be working on this week:

  Word study: *the sounds of soft c and g (they make this sound when followed by an i, e, or y)
                       *reviewing super e at the end of words (it jumps over a letter to make the vowel say it's name)
  Reading:  * Using what we already know, pictures and context clues to determine meaning of  unknown words while we read.
   *  reading with expression
                    * Stop reading and think about character traits
Writing:  * Personal narratives: what they are and how we can write them

Math:  * Make a ten strategy and doubles plus one strategy

We are also starting a little work with sound in science and music class! 

Make a Ten

This week your child is learning and practicing a new strategy called "Make a Ten." Over time, this strategy will help your child be able to efficiently answer math facts. I created this short video to help you and your child complete the homework. I hope it's helpful!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break. Here's what we'll be doing this week:
    *  Reading and writing ai and ay words
    *  Continuing our fiction unit in reading, specifically visualizing as we read and                 questions before, during and after reading
    *  We will begin our new writing  unit: personal narratives
    *  In math, we'll be finishing up unit 3 (story problems), specifically mixed addition          and subtraction problems