Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Are Learning Lots!

Here are some things we are working on this week:

   * Super e makes vowels say their name (-ike, -ite, and -ide word families)
   * Blends are two consonants that blend together to make a sound. (bl, fl, cl, st, sm,        sn dr, tr, etc.)
   * When we read fiction we can retell the story and include: setting, characters,                problem, beginning, middle, end and solution.
   * Traditional tales have been told for a long time. They often start with "once upon a      time", have talking animal characters, sets of 3 and teach a lesson. We also                 compared different versions of familiar traditional tales. 
   * In writing we continue to work on writing with sequence (first, then, last) and               using conventions of writing (capitals, endmarks, spaces, neat handwriting)
   * In math we've been learning about solving equations and story problems with              missing partners (addends).

**Tomorrow is slushy day! Slushies are $1. 
**Friday is an early release day, please let me know how your child will get home if going a different way.

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