Monday, December 7, 2015

This Week

This is the second week of the month, that means it's share week! Here's the note: 

                  Hello First Grade Families,
In November we will be starting our share time at school. Share time is used to assess your child’s oral speaking skills and ability to stay on topic. Your child will be assigned a specific day to share. He/she needs to tell the class at least five complete sentences about one topic. Examples of things your child could share are: vacation pictures, a favorite book or other things that interest them. He/she must clearly speak about their share item, without reading off of a sheet of paper. We are also working on starting our sentences with different beginnings. Therefore, I will also be grading your child on whether or not they do this. Educational items seem to work best for share time. Please only send toys as a last resort-they tend to distract both the speaker and the listeners. No live animals are allowed. Pictures of pets/animals work best. Practicing these skills at home before your child’s share day is a great way to help them succeed. The calendar for sharing is as follows. Please make sure to mark your calendars at home! 

Thank you,
Ms. Hopp

Share time will be the second week of every month

Monday: Angel, Darian, Maria, Malachy

Tuesday: Bailey E., Rose, Bailey G., Kiersten

Wednesday: Ozzy, Lauren, Stephanie, Jazzmin

Thursday: Aaron, Natalie, Payton

Friday: Jake, Titus, Nick, Alexa

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