Monday, December 14, 2015

Doubles Doubles We Can Add Doubles!

   We've taken a break from the math book lessons for two days to learn more about doubles facts. First we read a book titled, Two of Everything. This is a traditional tale from China about a magic pot that doubles (makes twice as much) of anything put into it. The students learned what double means. Then we made a book page of our own. We thought and wrote about what we would put in the pot to be doubled. 
   Today we revisited the concept of doubles. As seen in the pictures below, the kids doubled paint-dots. Then we wrote down the results and noticed a pattern of even numbers as totals. Using that reasoning, we also figured out the doubles to larger equations like 11+11, 12+12, etc. Here are some pictures of our learning!

Here's a song to help us with our facts:

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