Monday, November 16, 2015

This Week in First Grade

Here are some things we will be learning this week:
     * Word work: the sound of sh
     *review short vowel sounds/identify vowel letters
     * read and write word wall words: on, and, get, look, is, do
     * the writing process (ask your child about our song): 
                             1. think, think, think
                             2. tap and tell
                             3. draw and write
                             4. then revise
     * Reading strategies: visualize (put a movie in your mind), use pictures to help us understand and choose good fit book to become a better reader. We are also using already learned strategies like: does it look right? sound right? make sense?, look
carefully at all the letters, stretch out unknown words, stop and think about
 characters and setting
     * Math: mathematicians can explain their thinking and use numbers and drawings, the Unit 2 test, using rek-en-reks to think about numbers (pictures to come) and math mountains.
     * We will have a guest speaker on Tuesday who is Native American. He will read a book to us and share some of his culture.
     * Friday we will be learning about turkeys! 

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