Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guest Speaker

Today we enjoyed listening to our guest speaker tell us a Native American story about porcupines. He also taught us about his culture and items that were made by Native Americans. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Writing Workshop Pictures

Here we are getting ready to share our writing today.

Writing Folders

Friday I sent home some homework. Your child was to decorate their new writing folder with pictures, words and drawings that represent themselves. I only received 5 back today. Please complete the work and return to school ASAP. I can't wait to see them!

This Week in First Grade

Here are some things we will be learning this week:
     * Word work: the sound of sh
     *review short vowel sounds/identify vowel letters
     * read and write word wall words: on, and, get, look, is, do
     * the writing process (ask your child about our song): 
                             1. think, think, think
                             2. tap and tell
                             3. draw and write
                             4. then revise
     * Reading strategies: visualize (put a movie in your mind), use pictures to help us understand and choose good fit book to become a better reader. We are also using already learned strategies like: does it look right? sound right? make sense?, look
carefully at all the letters, stretch out unknown words, stop and think about
 characters and setting
     * Math: mathematicians can explain their thinking and use numbers and drawings, the Unit 2 test, using rek-en-reks to think about numbers (pictures to come) and math mountains.
     * We will have a guest speaker on Tuesday who is Native American. He will read a book to us and share some of his culture.
     * Friday we will be learning about turkeys! 

Monday, November 9, 2015


Here we are doing our Packer dance on Friday...unfortunately it didn't help the Pack this weekend!

Today we worked on our Veteran's Day project!

What We've Been Up To

  As always, we've been busy learning! Here are some things we've been studying:

           * cross checking when reading (ask your child to show you the motion) Does it look right? 
                 Does it sound right? Does it make sense?
           * short vowel words with -ck ending: -ack, -eck, -ock word families
           * Using capitals for names, I and the beginning of sentences
           * Subtraction stories, equations and circle drawings
           * ALICE preparation and drill

 This week we will also be learning:
         * how addition and subtraction relate to each other (fact families)
         * Story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution
         * Writing personal narratives-stories from our lives

Special Events this Week: Junie B. Jones show at the PAC Tuesday afternoon, Veteran's Day Program on Wednesday, Frosty Friday ($1 slushees)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Quilt Game

Today we practiced our math facts to 10 and counting on from the greater number by playing the quilt game. Your child will bring  home the "quilt sheet" and the flashcards that go with it. Their only homework tonight is to play the game a couple times. There will be no reading homework for a few days because I am not teaching small groups, rather testing reading levels.  It would be great if  you continue to read with books you have at home. 

Camouflage Day!

Here are some pictures of us learning about camo on Friday! We worked inside and out! Finally we created a bug of our own that could be camouflaged in our room! We had a lot of fun. Thanks to Mrs. SanFilippo for joining  us.