Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our New Reading Strategies

We've been working hard on our reading strategies that help us become better readers. So far we've learned that the most important part of reading is thinking about what you are reading. We've been practicing stopping during reading and thinking with these sentence stems: I learned....I wonder....please ask your child about these strategies. 

Here is our strategy we will start working on tomorrow

CAFÉ Strategy: Use Beginning and Ending Sounds Often when learning new words, children apply the strategy of using the beginning sound to help them identify the word. When they do this, they often guess a word that may not fit in the sentence, it starts with the same letter so they guess and move on without looking at the rest of the word. They may not even know there is an end to the word. To gain accuracy it is important that children also learn to look at the end of the word when reading. Applying the accuracy strategy of using beginning and ending sounds helps with both accuracy and comprehension since reading the correct words will enhance the meaning of what is being read. How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

 1. When listening to your child read, encourage him/her to slow down enough to pay attention to the end of the word. Have your child point to the end of the word and tell you the sound it makes. This reinforces that there is an end to the word.

 2. Have your child cross check the word he/she just read. Remind your child to ask, “Does it look right, does it sound right, does it make sense?” to help them identify the word.

 3. If necessary, revisit letter sounds and the concept words of beginning and end. Then, when stumbling on a word, have your child stretch out the word, saying the beginning, middle, and end sounds. After having him/her focus on the beginning and ending sounds, help your child read the word correctly and ask, “Did that make sense?”

 4. If your child is still struggling with this strategy, have your child write the word out. Slowing down to write the word can help focus his/her attention on the end sound. Thank you for your continued support at home!

 • Ideas and strategies are taken from: The CAFE Book, written by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser • Written by: Allison Behne ©

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