Friday, September 11, 2015

This Week in First Grade

Here's what we're learning:
    * The meaning of word and sentence-what a sentence looks like.
    * How to work with partners and solve disagreements. 
    * A couple math games to play independently
    * Read to Self-what it looks like and sounds like in our classroom
    * We wrote down and illustrated our hopes for first grade and our dreams.
    * We took the STAR assessment on the computer. More info will be handed out at conferences 
       next month. 

Next week we'll: 

    * Begin math instruction and homework
    * Begin writing and reading workshop
    * Review letter sounds and writing letters
    * Continue our work on words and sentences
    * Picture Retake Day is September 18th 
    * There is a PTO meeting in the school library at 5:30 on Tuesday night. 
    * There is a Board of Education Meeting on Monday night. 

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