Monday, September 28, 2015

Spelling Words!

Dear Parents,
  There is very exciting news! This week your child is starting spelling. Most of the students will have 6 words on their list. Three of the words are phonetic, meaning they will follow a spelling “rule.” This week all the words have the short a sound. The other three words will be “sight words”, that sometimes can’t really be sounded out. All six words will be written in your child’s agenda. Therefore, it is important to return the binder to school daily. We will practice the words daily at school. I’m also asking that you help your child practice their words at home a couple times a week. You could practice them by writing them, using magnetic letters to build the words, giving your child a “practice test” and so on. There are many fun ways to practice the words. Every Friday your child will take a spelling test.
Ms. Hopp

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