Monday, September 14, 2015

Read to Self Time

One of our goals in First grade is to become independent readers. We started this journey this week by launching our Read to Self time. The students brainstormed a list of reasons why it's important we read everyday. Then we created a list of behaviors that should take place during Read to Self time in our classroom. These behaviors included read quietly, get started right away, read the whole time, and stay in one spot. We've started practicing these behaviors while I time the students. We were successful at two and three minutes of reading stamina. Tomorrow we will try to read to self correctly for 4 minutes! Our goal is to get to 20 minutes of independent, productive, uninterrupted minutes of reading. While the students are reading I have time to meet with small groups or individuals to provide instruction.

   Also, tomorrow will be your child's first night of math homework. You can then expect math homework every night or every other night. :)

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